Milking parlor

Know what’s happening with each dairy animal and the bulk milk tank in or near the milking parlor on the farm.
On this page we’ll only consider conventional milking parlors. For robotic milking, please click here:
Direct Ekomilk connection to milking robots

Ekomilk-AMP integration near or into the milking parlor
There are 2 common scenarios for conventional milking parlors:

  1. One central Ekomilk Horizon with the AMPI sample feeder (sample changer, sample collector), near the milking parlor.
    • This cost-efficient option requires the least investment and the least installation steps. Available from Q4 2017 and depending on your region.
      Please find here an intro video of the AMPI Sample Feeder with Ekomik Horizon: The sample feeder verifies and prepares every sample before supplying it to the milk analysis unit.
  2. On every milking position a digital AMPI sampler-connection: A rugged LCD display and an automatic sampler are required on every milking position.
    • This option requires a more significant upfront investment and installation. Available from Q1 2018 and depending on your region. An Ekomilk & AMP partnership program will be launched for this topic.
    • The automatic samplers in itself have a relatively high cost and are intended to create a milk sample during (a part of) the milking process, from which the somatic cell count value can be derived with acceptable accuracy.
    • In this scenario, in future we also plan to create an optional module for automatic diversion of high SCC milk into a separate jar or tank.

Click here for more info on somatic cell count and mastitis

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