Overview specifications of the Ekomilk-AMP system with Ekomilk Horizon and optional Sample Feeder. EHE, EHER, EHU, EHUR, SF, AMP.


Every Ekomilk-AMP system version or configuration includes an online AMP admin account, for automatic dashboards and visualisations, emails with XLS or CSV result reports, notifications and/or measurement results over SMS, instrument calibration, various milk sample identification workflows with or without barcode or RFID reader, maintenance and remote support besides optional Cloud APIs for automatic data exchange.

The most basic version of the Ekomilk-AMP system consists of Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE), which counts somatic cells (SCC) in milk. For best accuracy results, ICAR-compliant milk samples are recommended. EHE is a great tool for individual (per cow) udder health, subclinical mastitis detection and milk quality monitoring.

The next step is to increase the measurement accuracy and reliability via Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU). EHU measures milk fat content, milk protein content, milk total solids content and somatic cells (SCC) in milk, besides optionally lactose, added water and ketosis risk indicator.
On-field accuracy examples of the Ekomilk AMP system installed on European dairy farms for real-time somatic cell count (SCC), milk fat content F, milk protein content P in 2017 _ draft.pdf


For both Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE) and Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU), a special version exists for direct connection to milking robots (robotic milking). Abbreviated this becomes EHER and EHUR. No need for a Shuttle anymore thanks to EHER and EHUR.
Milking robots (AMS, VMS, robotic milking)


To avoid the most common mistakes which lead to lower accuracy and reduced system reliability, a AMPI Sample Feeder (SF) can be added so sample loading, preparation, verification and sample supply is automated. For instance popular in conventionnal milking parlors and laboratoties (labs). The "most common mistakes" which are made without Sample Feeder, are the sampling (non-ICAR compliant, manual cow sampling or not mixing the bulk milk tank enough) and the sample preparation (not mixin correctly before measuring, either introducing air bubbles or mixing too long beforehand).
Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited together with the AMPI Sample Feeder forms a so-called "mini-lab".
Youtube intro video of Sample Feeder for Ekomilk Horizon


For high sample throughput, an Ekomilk-AMP cluster combines several sample loading stations are operating in parallel, autonomously. The lab operator only has to refill water and reagents as indicated by the AMP cluster backbone system.
Ekomilk AMP Cluster for parallel processing of milk sample trays 4 cents per tests  350 samples per hour up to 5000 samples per hour Ergonomics: Ekomilk-AMP cluster example for achieving 350 milk samples per hour with a single laboratory operator at approx €0.04/test



What's the difference between Ekomilk Horizon Essential (EHE), Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited (EHU), Ekomilk Horizon Essential milking robot version (EHER), Ekomilk Horizon Unlimited milking robot version (EHUR), Ekomilk-AMP mini-lab, Ekomilk-AMP standard version and Ekomilk-AMP heavy duty version? For a summary, please see the graphic below.
All versions, models and configurations require an online AMP account for maintenance, support, calibration, sample identification and other crucial operations and measurement aspects. The cost per test is always around approx €0.04/test.
The standard version includes the standard milk parameters and a warranty which covers up to 20 000 milk samples per year per instrument (Ekomilk Horizon and Sample Feeder).
The heavy duty version includes the standard milk parameters and a warranty which covers up to 150 000 milk samples per year per instrument.

Overview of Ekomilk-AMP system configurations with peripherals, accessories, workflow automation and integration options:
Ekomilk AMP draft product portfolio and system configurations with cluster and milking robot

Try the new Ekomilk-AMP system for milking robots and for conventionnal milking parlors and central milk quality labs at Eurotier in Hannover, Germany

Ekomilk AMP milk quality and animal health mini-lab system at Eurotier Germany November 2018

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